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I quite like Louis Tomlinson from One Direction.

Louis is in every post.

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One Direction - Forever Young #4yearsOfOneDirection

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4 years

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23.7.14 Louis #1

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Louis at Jays wedding


Louis at Jays wedding

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this is objectively a shitton of projection but do you know what is messing me up about this even beyond just the general overload about louis playing with a baby is that this is on TWO SEPARATE OCCASIONS louis pretending with a baby girl that she can punch someone out and i don’t know, my brother did that a lot with his son— fake roughhousing oh my god you can beat me you’re so strong!!!!!!!!— but not his daughter, like there was a hugely noticeable shift, because that’s not how we think about girls. 

but louis— TWICE— makes a little baby girl laugh with how strong she is, and he’s playing with her, but that play is also him teaching her to think of her baby body as powerful and active. like he is LITERALLY showing her that she can make a fist, that she doesn’t have to let people close to her, that she can push people back. play is how you teach babies to begin conceiving of their bodies and spaces, of their own capabilities, and oh my god louis knows about babies, louis knows about baby girls
look it’s just that the horsing around and teasing you and teaching you to fight him back isn’t i think something that louis only uses to protect and encourage his male bandmates. he already knew how to do all that. louis growing up with sisters is so so so important to me, louis knows how rough the world is and maybe he doesn’t always know how to be nice or soft but he’s on your side and if you make him strong well he’s gonna give all that strength back to you.

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